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About Program

Design Post-COVID Humanity (DPCH) is an initiative of Hamad Bin Khalifa University in collaboration with strategic partners.

DPCH is an innovative, multiplex and blended educational space to collectively work on the new normal and the new humanity awaiting us. DPCH presents youth with an educational journey that unleashes their transformative power to design a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable post-covid humanity.

DPCH refers to the philosophical, spiritual and interdisciplinary dimensions of the post-humanity and stresses three key virtues – Taaruf, Taawun and Tarahum or Acquaintance, Cooperation, Mercifulness to empower the youth in designing post-covid humanity.

Purpose of the Program

  • DPCH aims to fully integrate the power of the youth in the Middle East and North Africa with a comprehensive understanding of the values of humanity in order to create a blueprint for curating sustainable change in a new age. 

  •  DPCH urges the youth to cooperate and diagnose common spaces which can flourish the collective power of humanity as youth have the ability to think creatively and take action instantly.

  • DPCH will therefore provide various human centered design thinking training, applications, and prototyping experiences which will initiate cooperation that will shape the post-covid world.

  • Participants will cooperate with each other in teams and with innovation labs, experts, scholars and practitioners in open spaces to offer value driven perspectives to design post-covid humanity cooperate with.

  • DPCH invites the youth to embark on a mission to acquaint us with each other more intimately, create and maintain social value, acknowledging and persisting in the pursuit of new opportunities in order to serve that mission, and continuously engage in a process of innovation, adaptation, and seeking knowledge. 

  • DPCH urges us to work towards the common good of humanity as described above, as there are certain layers we must strip ourselves from; mainly ignorance and egotism.

Goals of the Program

  • To synthesize innovative thinking, leadership and ethics in order to make impactful decisions using Human-Centered Design methods. 

  • To develop inclusive, creative and ethically focused problem solving mindsets that would embrace all differences for post-covid humanity.

  • To design viable, desirable and feasible, collective projects to build stronger communities that can support a post-covid humanity. 

  • To demonstrate the necessity to bring youth, policy makers, scholars, leaders and other stakeholders together and formulate steps to design post-covid humanity in a fair, inclusive, sustainable and ethical manner.