COVID-19 and the Global Moral Panic: Youth Ignition Challenge

In this challenge, applicants were asked to:

  1. Prepare a 2-minute (or 8 slide) inspirational talk in the form of a presentation that speaks to one of the aspects of the “moral panic” caused by COVID-19. 

  2. Describe, elaborate and analyze the specific aspect of the moral panic they are addressing.

  3. Highlight creative/innovative perspectives with longer-term suggestions with a clear call for action for the global youth.


Those who were shortlisted were invited to make an online interactive presentation in front of a jury and answer some questions.

The top two winners were awarded iPad Minis and the third winner was awarded a 250 QAR gift voucher.

See below a video for details as well as the shortlisted and winning presentations.


Mouza Darwish - Stigmatization of the Elderly

Razi Shaikh - Community Sponsorsorship for Migrants

Zeenath Safira - Covid -19, How Do We 'Respond'?

Judging Panel
Winning Presentations
Mouza Darwish
Stigmatization of the Elderly

Mouza was one of the winners because she addressed a unique topic that is very relevant to the youth and global moral panic. Her ideas are also feasible and very impactful. The presentation was clear and concise and she answered our questions very well in the judging panel. 

Razi Shaikh
Community Sponsorship for Migrants

Razi also won because he had a very structured, well thought-out call to action. He addressed a unique topic as well that would be extremely impactful in the world. He provided visuals during his presentation which further clarified his idea and he answered our questions well.

Zeenath Safira
COVID-19, How do we 'respond'?

Zeenath was one of the three winners as well because her idea was very creative. Although it did not have a clear call to action like the first two, it was simple, feasible, yet very impactful and relevant to the challenge. Moreover, her presentation was visually appealing and she answered all our questions clearly without going on a tangent.

Shortlisted Presentations